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In Memory of

Galen Bahr

Galen was killed in a Motorcycle/Car Accident May 27, 2001

Galen and Tracy

A Good Day To Ride

You could hear his bike coming
When he was miles outside of town.
A Harley Davidson Engine
But with a unique throaty kind of sound.

As the sound grew even louder
And the bike came into sight.
You could see the chrome parts shining
In the early evening light.

He pulled the bike into our drive
And shut the engine down.
Swung his leg over the gas tank
And talked to our kids who gathered around.

His hair was held back in place
With a shinny black leather band.
His beard was brown and bushy
His face, what you could see, was tan.

The long chrome pipes of his machine
Rose high above the seat.
Chains hanging from his handlebars
Custom front end this bike was sweet.

He said "Sorry I'm late, cow had a calf"
"It took me longer than I thought to chore."
We just kind of smiled
We had heard this story before.

Then we hopped upon our bikes
And headed to our gathering place.
Galen always rode behind us
In my mirror was always his face.

Bikes were lined up on the street
As we added ours to the row.
We walked up among our friends
There wasn't anyone Galen didn't know.

The first time that you met Galen
Heck he looked kind of hairy.
With Harley clothes and noisy bike
You know he seemed down right scary.

But underneath his beard and clothes
Is where you have to start.
I never met another man
Who had a bigger heart.

If you were looking for a bike or part
Galen was the man to see.
He was always finding something for someone
And of course there was no fee.

Someone said "I'm looking for a sportster
I'm tired of my old crotch rocket."
"I just happen to have a couple of numbers" Galen replied
As he pulled a list from his pocket.

We spent the night talking about bikes
And rides we had in the past.
All of the sudden it was getting late
How the night went fast.

We said our good-byes with hug and hand shakes
And lots of best wishes.
And no it's true I didn't get away
With out one of Galen's big wet kisses.

"What's going on tomorrow?" Galen asked
As he pulled his bike off its kickstand.
"Maybe we could head up north..." he continued
"Its been awhile since I've see that land."

"Well it's suppose to rain."I said
"sounds like the sun is going to hide."
Galen just slapped me on the back and said
"Sounds like a good day to ride."

Love Ya, Buck

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